October 16, 2012

Photoshoot for ProTec cases and SD Systems Microphones

Last week we (finally) did a photo shoot to support the brands that we are loyal too.

We owe a great deal to them, so we thought it was more than fair to have some pictures taken, besides all the live pictures we already had.
Playing in a horn section is one thing, posing for a photo shoot is a whole different ballgame....

ProTec Cases

SD Systems Microphones

Photos all rights @Dinja Paters

July 14, 2012

Elite Horns & Rob de Nijs [Leuven, July 13th 2012]

Despite all the bad weather we are having over here, last night was a beautiful summer night in Leuven.
Together with Dutch singer Rob De Nijs we performed in front of 10.000+ people on the beautiful Market Square. 
Great ambiance, great audience, and surely another night to remember.

Checking our new score pre-gig

 @ work

Where would we be without the brands (and wifes!) that support us?!
Thanks Dinja, Simoon, Yvette and Marlou.
And thank you Serge, Iain, Andy and Miel for making great stuff!!

A great night it was!

 Beautiful summer nights in Leuven

April 22, 2012

Grand Gala du Télévie on RTL-TVI 2012

The Elite Horns just returned from a crazy night in Brussels.
After extensive rehearsals we went on air for a 5 hour television marathon last saturday.
After all SD Systems microphones ánd cameras were attached to our instruments....

Before the show Joris tried out Roel's new 4 valve Adams flugelhorn

Waiting for Katie Melua soundcheck, we hade some time for our favorite gadgets....

Getting ready to get this show on the road!

Of course Tim really needed some more make-up to be presentable!
(Elite Horns lóve to be pampered)

Miss Belgium stopped by at our dressing room to check out what this 'Elite Horns fuzz' was all about and Joop took the time to introduce her to our section and make her feel welcome....

Last view from backstage before the TV broadcast starts

The first TV clips from yesterday's show!!

Of course we did our best to make the French singers of "La Comédie Musicale 1789" feel at home with the Elite Horns.

Roel's horn somehow got sizzling hot...

Télévie collected more than 8.400.000 euros this year, a new record in 24 years history,
and yes: we'll be back!!

April 5, 2012

Pictures from 1st rehearsels at RTL-TVI on April 5th

Don't let the song titles fool you......

Instant adapting of arrangements by Roel
(who wrote ALL the arrangements for this tv show!!)
Tim is trying to get awake.....
Karl (on bass) realizes that buying a real iPad instead 
of and Eeepad would have been a better idea....

People watching the RTL-TVI News that night 
could have gotten quite a shock...

The whole cast of backing vocals and tv hosts and newsreaders